Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lovely Simple DIY Projects

I've found so many wonderful DIY tutorials and websites the past few days and I wanted to share them with you. Most of these I've been considering to make them myself for my own room but I've got plenty school assignments I haven't gotten around to complete yet.

1.  Dreamcatchers 

Mini ones are great as handmade gifts. Bigger ones are a great touch to make your room get that unique touch of je ne sais quoi. Plus, you can decorate 'em ANYway you want ! Use different string colors, different beads and shells. They're even good for hanging earrings and necklaces. Else, you could just use it for it's main purpose - catching bad dreams. :)

At first I thought they were really complicated but it's actually doesn't seem so much now. The first tutorial below used a bangle and it hit me that this is actually not hard at all ! Ofcourse, for bigger ones you'd have to use a different base but I'm sure any firm round piece will do great ! :)

Here are the tutorials I've found : - 

2. Ribbon-Bracket Shelves

Aren't they just darling ? You can choose your own ribbon colors, add cool pins to it and it's only a 3-step tutorial. Perfect for people who like it simple. 

Here's the tutorial from Martha Stewart - tutorial

3. Catch-All Shelf

I find this peculiarly interesting and creatively functional. This is a great project if you've got a wooden magazine holder and you're thinking about giving it new life. Maybe add some decoupage to make it look more.. funky ?

Here's the tutorial on DesignSponge. 

4. Chalkboard Paint

Everytime I see a tutorial on making chalkboard paint, I get so excited and bookmark 'em right away. I definitely think chalkboard paints are so creative and make a brilliant touch to any room be it on walls, tables or jars ! Buying them at stores cost a pretty penny and they've only got two colors, so why not go DIY? They're so simple to make and you can use any color under the sky and beyond. 

Tutorials :

Chalkboard Paint by A Beautiful Mess
Chalkboard Paint by Craft At Home
ChalkBoard Paint by Adelyn Stone

Here are lovely ideas on using chalkboard paint by

5. Boho-chic Flannel Lanterns

These are so pretty, and you can decorate them to your own unique style with beads, sequins, fabrics and rhinestones. I love the detailings <3 Imagine the shiny sequins and beads reflecting lights all over your room. :)

Here's the video tutorial ! 
Flannel Lantern by Free People

6. Tissue Paper Lanterns 

CYMK Lanterns

This brilliantly colorful and great for parties and events. Here's the tutorial for making them by

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